Groenland by Honoring Nail Juré

Our expeditions

Scotland photo by Honorine Nail Juré

The Free Spirit is glad to launch a beautiful and ambitious project called ‘H.EARTH’. Through that project, we aim to capture the beauty of the world. H.EARTH means Humanism, Environnement, ART & Hope. We make expeditions all over the world :

  • To capture the beauty of people
  • To capture the beauty of wildlife
  • To capture the beauty of landscape

We have created a collective of of explorers, photographers, filmakers and storytellers working together to design visual art and to create powerful persuasive stories that shed light on the beauty of the planet. Through H.EARTH project, our aim is to move people from apathy to action. We want to spread humanity and to connect people’s heart to nature. Therefore, people will understand how much it is important to protect our planet.

How the H.EARTH project can protect our planet

Powerful and emotive imagery can have a positive impact on people. We love adventure. We love traveling. We love meeting people around the globe. We produce creative content to bring a personal, human perspective to the beauty of our world that we must to protect. For the H.EARTH project, we use film, photography and storytelling to raise public raise awareness on our rapidly changing planet. We make documenting expeditions on all 7 continents. We created that project because we are convinced that the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.

Groenland - photo by Honoring Nail Juré