Our show

« EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the dream lands » is a show combining dance, performance art and theater, created by the artists of the Free Spirit foundation. About 200 artists, all volunteers,  were willing to share their passion to create a magnificent journey in imaginary universes.

Dancers, actors, circus artists, costume designers, music composers and make-up artists have been combining their talents to create this show since 2016.

The EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamland was performed for the first time at the Madeleine Theater in Paris in 2018 (1200 spectators). The adventure will continue in 2019 with 2 international tours (in Japan and Africa) and in 2020 with the creation of a second part performed in the Palais des Congrès.

200 artists

200 artists joined the very ambitious EMAJINARIUM show. Through this project, our aim is to combine several talents to create magic moments. The EMAJINARIUM project was born from an idea. That idea was to create a magic journey to the dream lands. An idea, a white paper, a creative family, motivated people and then, EMAJINARIUM was born

Through EMAJINARIUM, the immersion is total and creates a veritable journey that creates unique experiences and brings unsuspected emotions into light.…

The Free Spirit is composed of numerous artists and we let ourselves be guided by our desires and talent. The creation of a live show with costumes and dancing was eating away at us and became more and more self-evident.

How EMAJINARIUM support vulnerable children

EMAJINARIUM enables to support vulnerable children all over the world and to bring smile to children who are facing illness.

In 2018, we raised $10,000 we offered as a donation to the orphanage Coeur Celeste based in Pointe Noire, Congo. That place is a home for 40 children. The orphanage aims at giving back a smile to children living there and supporting them mentally to give them the means to receive in the best condtions possible a normal education for the youngest, or trainings. The orphanage works thanks to donations from individuals and companies.

A n innovative approach

During our creative process, we decided to create a show without any artistic Director and choreographer neither. We also applied an innovative idea by adopting an horizontal approach. As our aim was  to cultivate diversity and the mix of disciplines, we had an flat organization. We had an organizational structure with no levels of middle management between artists.

The project is indeed based on an innovating concept : the interactive creation. The choreographies of the 20 chapters making up the show were created collectively by all the dancers in order to highlight all the styles constituting this team. Imbued with a culture which advocates communication and mutual respect, each member, passionate and volunteer, was able to bring their added value.