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Grace Almera photography

Grace Almera is an autodidact fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Denmark.

Her photography style is best described as « emotional » and « atmospheric ». She loves creating dreamy images that appear to resemble paintings and spice it up with alternative fashion clothing and accessories. Her style consists of themes that strongly reflects her personal thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, she enjoys meeting new people and collaborating with different creatives around the world.

Sonja Saur photography

Sonja Saur is a very talented fine art photographer based in Germany. Sonja has been a professional photographer for many years, as both a commercial and fine art photographer. Her fine art images have been published on several websites and magazines. Sonja joined our Just ALLURE project and also The Essence of Life project to raise awareness about climate change.

Lillian Liu

Lillian is an agency-represented (Werewolf) and published creative photographer who utilizes digital techniques to create unique atmospheres in her work  Often traveling, arranging international collaborations, and styling her own artistic concepts, she has worked on independent projects in over 18 global cities- with teams consisting of talents from North America and Europe.
Features and publications as a photographer include: Marie Claire Taiwan, Vogue Taiwan, My Modern Met, CTV News Canada, Art.Ifeng, 54th Annual Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Kat Von D Beauty 10 Years of Beauty (Muse #5), Fae, Huf, PhotoVogue Italia, Feroce, Gazelle, Ellements, Dreamingless, Elegant, Surreal Beauty, Art of Portrait, Gilded, Phantasm, Unfolded, Dark Beauty, Pump, Obscurae, Giuseppina, Gothic and Amazing, Gothesque, and many more. She is also a part of the humanitarian artistic collective Free Spirit, headquartered in Paris, as of 2016.

Lillian’s work has also been showcased in galleries, and her latest exhibition on gender in the Far-East is in China within the cultural institution gallery established by Dongguan Finding Cultural Communications Co. for their large-scale exhibition area titled Finding Arts Space established in 2015.   Lillian’s visual capability in directing, model-instruction, post-processing, and styling has enabled her to obtain sponsors and work with numerous iconic creatives from around the globe.

by Lillian Liu
by Lillian Liu

Rebecca Millen

I’m Rebecca, a 24 y/o artist and autodidact mixing portrait photography with digital art. I create portraits, combining with retouching as well as creative image processing which shapes my individual artistic style. Most of my current works show self-portraits. I am fascinated and inspired by the visual representation of abstract thoughts, fine details and emotional depth. If not mentioned differently with the images, all aspects of the shoots are done by me.

I started my artistic work in 2017. Since then I got in touch with designers and talents of the creative scene worldwide. I’m member of the Free Spirit Crew, headquartered in Paris, and currently mainly working in Belgium and France for artistic projects.

Honorine Nail Juré

Honorine is a very talented french photographer who loves fantasy art photography. She works on several Free Spirit projects such as The Essence of life, a campaign to raise awareness on climate changes.

Mathieu Paul Gabriel

Mathieu Paul Gabriel graduated top of his class in 2005 from the prestigious school “Les Gobelins”, and more precisely, from the “photography / photoshoot”section.

Fascinated, as a child, by the TV programs of the 80’s, he soon discovered the first Japanese cartoons that were broadcasted in France. He then started playing video games and got to know their pixel-made heroes, and “StarWars”, “ Back to the future”, “Ghostbusters” or even “Indiana Jones” quickly became his favourite movies. This large heritage has had, of course, a real and long-lasting impact on Mathieu’s imagination.

The few stolen glances at pictures he saw in his elder brother’s books, such as “The Amazing Spider Man”, increased his curiosity for comics, and more precisely for the American ones (with their lot of masked vigilantes in colorful spandex suits and flamboyant super-villains), that he particularly liked drawing.

The arrival of the home video cassettes, and the time Mathieu spent wandering in the video stores, largely contributed to his culture of what we can call the “pop culture”, and raised his interest for science-fiction movies, which eventually determined a large part of the visual identity of his work.

EMAJINARIUM character by Free Spirit created by the photographer Mathieu Paul Gabriel
Dark Queen EMAJINARIUM character by Free Spirit created by the photographer Mathieu Paul Gabriel
EMAJINARIUM character by Free Spirit created by the photographer Mathieu Paul Gabriel
Blue Shadow

Blue Shadow

I’m a Free Spirit.
I’m someone who lives by my own wishes and I’m unconstrained by society.
I am a man with a vision, in love with Darkness & Avant garde.
Don’t try to find me as I’m lost in a dark universe.
I like creating portraits of unusual characters.
I am somewhere between fantasy and nightmare,
Between the light and the night.
My pictures are part of my soul I can’t reveal to the world.
I invoke conflicting feelings of sensuality, intrigue and unease.
I reveal real people’s identity through my pictures.I am fascinated by the visual representation of abstract thoughts and emotional depth.
I like revealing the beauty in the middle of a chaotic atmosphere.
I am provocative as I want to see what you are hiding behind your mask.
I ain’t an artist but I create deviant art.
However, I don’t spread hate but love,
so I decided to create my own tribe,
a tribe of talented people with a beautiful heart.
I’m an Alpha, I’m a shadow and Blue is my color.